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Meditation With Horses

Horses are extremely sensitive animals, and they realize and understand when we use our breathing to communicate with them. When we meditate, and slow down our breath to a steady rate, we can calm down our judgmental mind and find ourselves at peace with the present moment. It's here that we can then experience the magic of the horses responding to us. That’s when they tune in to our mindful energy, and a connection is created.


By sharing this meditation time together, and doing nothing but focusing on the here and the now, we open the door to mutual deep connection and understanding. Meditation with horses helps us to become centered, have a clear mind and become focussed, where worries and concerns fall away.


Horses truly are tuned-in to energy and emotion. They help us create healing and calming vibrations and support us on our path to find peace in the present moment. The more we can shift into a state of stillness and the more we can just 'be', the more we can see the animals relax and draw closer to us. By meditating with animals we deepen our capacity for compassion, which we can spread and share with others.


Every Meditation with Horses experience is unique and incredibly special, as we have the opportunity to feel more deeply, and learn something new about ourselves and the animals. Animals teach us to love unconditionally, and meditating with horses allows the space for us to open our hearts and tap into that beautiful energy. 


Our equine meditation is for everyone: Anyone who is open to try something new and wants to participate in a truly powerful meditation, to connect with animals as well as like-minded individuals. Join a heart-centered circle with the potential to create a profound state of bliss, and enjoy serenity, peace and healing joy. Everyone who enjoys this intimate experience will leave feeling relaxed, connected and refreshed.


We offer group sessions for 3 to 8 people. After our guided meditation we invite you for some refreshments, where you can also meet our rescue dogs. This event will take around 2.5 hours. The prices are donation based with a minimum contribution of 750.000 IDR or €45 per person, which will go straight to our Little Steps Matter non-profit organization, to help animals in need in Bali.  

Donate or Fundraise

We are severely underfunded for the work we do, and so every single donation makes a HUGE difference to the animals we support. Just €8 will pay for 1 dog to eat for a week, and €10 will pay for a cats annual vaccinations.


Please use the 'Donate Now' button to contribute a monthly, annual or one-off donation, or please consider fundraising for us: a cake sale, sponsored car wash, or even selling unwanted items on ebay, could make all the difference to an animal in need!

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