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About Us

Little Steps Matter was founded by Sabine Kaufmann, a lifelong animal lover and defender of animal rights.

Originally from Germany, at the age of 6 Sabine started to bring home animals in need. ​As a teenager, she further developed her passion and love for horses, connecting with these animals on a deeper level, and later running her own stables for many years.

Since arriving in Bali in 1989, Sabine was very distressed by the amount of sick and injured dogs and cats she saw roaming the streets. Over the years, she took them in for healing and rehabilitation, before looking for suitable owners to adopt these abandoned animals.

Founding Little Steps Matter became the natural next step, allowing Sabine to devote her life to helping animals in Bali on a wider scale, in order for even more animals to have a second chance at a happy and healthy life. 


With the support of her sister-in-law, Putu Krista, they started their journey together and established Little Steps Matter in 2016. Krista grew up caring for sick animals, and as a local Balinese herself, she finds the most patient and empathic approach to connect and build trust with locals as we tour from house-to-house, teaching about animal care.

The dog crisis in Bali is completely overwhelming. Little Steps Matter began with the intention of conducting monthly mass sterilization events to cut the suffering at its source. Their journey pulled them to Tabanan Regency where the urgency for helping sick, injured, and abandoned animals is immense, and so, the team and daily activities have naturally evolved into what it is today.

Today, Little Steps Matter has grown into a team of 14 women who split their efforts across street-feeding, community outreach and education, emergency rescue, medical assistance, and dedicated caregivers living at the Safe House.


Give a voice to the voiceless.
 Help us to help animals in need.

Our Mission

To relieve suffering of animals in Bali through:




Rescue - Rehab - Rehome

  • To provide food and medical care for animals in need across Kediri, and educate the local community in the ethical treatment and care of animals, ultimately encouraging a chain of education to others. 

  • To sterilize all abandoned and owned dogs and cats in Kediri, to avoid unwanted pregnancies and babies being dumped. 

  • To eliminate mange in our area, and treat all flea and tick infestations in street dogs and owned dogs. 

  • To bring owners closer to their pets, and find forever homes for all abandoned animals.

  • To advocate for the Heritage Bali Dog.

If our mission speaks to you, please consider supporting us by making a donation. We couldn't do it without you—thank you so much.

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Our Vision

Our vision is of a Bali where all animals are free from suffering.

By focusing on our mission statement objectives, and working with local communities, we hope this vision can become a reality. But this is only possible with your kind help and support. 

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