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How to Help

You can support our team at Little Steps Matter to continue our life-saving work, whether you live in Bali or abroad, through sponsorship or donating.


 And not only that, every single like, share and comment you make online and offline helps us to spread the word about what we do, to fund our work. Share our mission with your friends, family, colleagues and community about us so we can support more animals in need. 



Donations make our work possible. With only $10, we can feed a dog for a week. $20 could pay for a dog's annual vaccinations which are vital for staying healthy, happy and adoptable.

Every single donation makes a huge difference to the animals we support.


Become a Patreon

If you like what we do here and would like to support us become a Little Steps Matter Patreon.

Choose your Membership level from $4.50 per month and gain exclusive content and behind the scenes footage. Your support means the world to us!


Raise awareness

Help spread our mission on social media! A simple share can make a huge difference.

Share our website, posts, Reels, videos, and links to donations or fundraisers.


Schedule a visit to the Safehouse

Come spend some quality time with our rescue pups at the Safehouse! It's a fantastic opportunity to bring smiles, tail wags, belly rubs, or just chill out with these beautiful dogs.

Every moment with them counts. Our rescues are all unique, so you are guaranteed to find a match. Come by and meet them—we believe you will fall in love!


Curious about the adorable faces waiting for their forever homes? Check out who is ready for adoption and follow our Instagram page @littlestepsmatteradoption for more heart-melting stories. 

Our visiting hours are Monday to Friday from 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Our dogs can't wait to meet you—schedule your visit today and give them the love they deserve!

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Your donations ensure we can continue to transform lives and remove suffering
—will you help?

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