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What We Do


Street Feeding

& Treatment

Heartbreakingly, there are increasing numbers of stray dogs and cats across Bali who struggle to survive, battling for food scraps that lack nutrition, often with mange, ticks, fleas and worms. They are generally unloved, and often traumatised from abuse. 


Everyday we deliver wet and dry food for animals in neighborhoods across Tabanan, the third largest region (of 9) in Bali. We are not an animal shelter - we support homeless animals by street feeding (giving food directly to stray animals) and providing essential treatments like deworming or flea treatments.


We also support local animal owners who cannot afford food and medication for their animals, and who lack the knowledge to care for their animals. With the virus and lockdown having a devastating impact on the Balinese, families struggle to feed themselves, let alone their animals, so your support has never been needed more.



At Little Steps Matter we are committed to reducing unnecessary suffering and the number of unwanted animals in Bali. The most effective method to do this is by sterilization, so we organize monthly mass sterilizations for street dogs and cats as well as those animals owned by local families who would otherwise not be able to afford these surgeries.

Ahead of our sterilization days, we seek out stray dogs and cats who require the procedure, and also go from house to house to register owned animals that need it, and assess how best to facilitate each sterilization. If owners are unable to bring their animals, we help with their transportation. After the procedure we follow up with each animal and provide post-op medical care if needed.


All sterilizations are carried out by a professional vet team from Bali Pet Crusaders, and at each sterilization day the Department of Agriculture supply free rabies vaccinations.



& Adoption

Sadly, knowledge of how to care for animals is not widespread in Bali, with many animals being unwittingly neglected or abused, rather than being cared for as a member of the family.  Many dogs and cats are kept in cages or tied up on short ropes. They lack drinking water, nutritious food and often suffer from illnesses.

Fortunately, in Balinese culture people live in family compounds, with many activities occurring outside, which allows our foundation to connect with people by going from house to house to offer support to owners with their animal care. People welcome us into their homes and appreciate our offer to help them improve their animals living conditions and well-being. 

We also prioritise seeking forever homes for stray dogs and cats (including puppies and kittens) that we know have been abandoned. There is no greater joy than uniting a beautiful animal with loving guardians. 



How We Do What We Do

While we are a very small team, our impact is large, and with your help we can continue to make even more of a difference.

Our founder Sabine and her sister-in-law Krista manage mass sterilization days and carry out street feeds daily to dogs in the Tabanan Regency of Bali, while also picking up abandoned dogs, cats, puppies and kittens on a daily basis, for treatment and rehoming. Our ongoing volunteer Nala supports with sterilizations, helping with animal emergencies, and also manages social media. Through all our work, we educate locals on animal care, and encourage respect for animals. 

To date, we survive on donations from a small number of monthly donors who are the lifeblood of our organisation, along with Sabine's own savings, and proceeds from our other projects: Tenete Designer Pet Beds and Meditation with Horses. 

With your help, we hope to grow the awareness of Little Steps Matter through 2021, and achieve many more sponsors and donors, so that we can increase our number of team members to support more Balinese animals, across Tabanan and other Regencies of Bali. 


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