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Adopt Yuna

My Story: I grew up living on the streets. It was a hard start to life but I had some kind ladies feeding me every day so it was okay. They loved me and I loved them too. Even though I lived on the street I was grateful that I never went hungry. One day the lady who fed me every day picked me up and took me to a clinic where I had my very first surgery. They told me it was so that I wouldn't have babies. I was glad because I didn't want to have babies living on the street. The surgery was hard for me though and I needed extra time to feel better so I stayed in the Safehouse and everyone there loved me so much that I haven't left ever since! However, I am still hoping for a forever home and I hope I find one soon. 

 My needs: I don't need that much space but I do need someone who can give me lots of cuddles all the time. I love head scritches they are my favorite!

My personality:

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