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Adopt Ellie

My Story: I was living on the streets with my 4 precious babies for quite some time until someone saw us and felt sorry for us so she gave us food. I was so happy! Having food given to me meant that I didn't have to go out leaving my babies all alone to search for food so that I could be healthy and continue feeding my babies. The next day some more ladies came and brought me more food and built me a little shelter so that I could stay protected from the heat and rain! I was grateful to have a safe space to nurse my babies and another meal. My little shelter was built right on time because that night it rained very hard all night long. We were all so very cold and waited patiently for the sun to come up so that we could be warm again. Not long after the sun came up, guess what? The sweet ladies came back again! But this time they took all of us into a car and into the Safehouse. Now we were really protected and safe and we were given baths and meals and water and blankets and cuddles every single day. In a moment our lives had changed. Once my babies got older, they slowly started moving away. They had found new families to love and I was so happy. All four of them! Now it's just me. I'm still happy and grateful every single day for my rescue and for my babies but I do hope I'll have my own family to love soon.

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