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The Story of Mimi

We met Mimi in late January 2021, during one of our regular house to house tours. We spotted her locked up inside a tiny cage, enduring filthy conditions and feeling totally unloved and alone. We asked the owners and discovered that she had been living like that for almost 2 years.


There was no excuse for poor Mimi living in such horrific conditions for so long, and we hoped that during ongoing visits, we could educate the owners and convince them to allow their dog to run free on their property. Each time we visited, we tried to find solutions to give Mimi better life, but sadly nothing changed for her, and we felt heartbroken for her. But finally, on February 10th 2021, the owners agreed to hand Mimi over to our care! 🎉 


Fortunately even after all this horrendous suffering, this sweet little girl was very sweet and trusted us immediately!

We brought Mimi directly to the vet for a check up and were happy to find out that her condition was better than we expected. She then got her first vaccine and her extremely long nails cut. The following day she had her matted hair cut, which had caused her so much pain for such a long time. 

Mimi came into foster care with us to be monitored and readied for adopting. After she slept very long hours during the first two days, she slowly began to show signs of feeling at ease, and even excitement. Very shy at first, she began blossoming soon after.  We spent some wonderful days introducing her to loving touch and care, and meeting Sabine's own pack.


After two weeks in foster care, and lots of TLC, sweet Mimi started coming out of her shell more and more. She happily joined our pack walks and became more curious and adventurous. Her first time experiencing grass was a very magical moment for us all. She loved playing with our dogs, especially with her new best friend Stella.


Mimi also learned to socialize, with friends coming by to visit. She was very loving and especially loved to snuggle. 🥰

We had planned to sterilize Mimi very soon, but sadly her blood test results prior surgery showed that Mimi had a low count of red blood cells and a low platelet count. These conditions were most likely caused by malnutrition and stress from life in a cage for such a long time. She began undergoing treatment in the hopes that soon she will have improved and could get spayed.


Mimi is a small dog with a big personality. We were wishing to find her a responsible and calm owner who could spend a lot of time with her. And before long, we felt that we had found her perfect match!

The lovely Suzanne reached out and asked if she could meet with Mimi, and start an adoption trial. 

They met for 3 hours at our place to get to know each other. At first, Mimi was scared, but with Suzanne, who had a small rescued dog before, Mimi slowly began to open up and started to bond with her. The following day we brought sweet Mimi to her new momma! Arriving to beautiful green scenery in the middle of the rice paddies in Ubud, Mimi would now have the chance to enjoy plenty of space to run around and play, and all the love she could ever want.

She was warmly welcomed by Suzanne who prepared all the things she needed.

After such a long time in a cage, it’s amazing how well Mimi has adapted. The new quiet and calm environment is exactly what Mimi needs. We hope her blood results will improve soon for her to get completely healthy and sterilized.

We continue to check in periodically with Mimi and she has fully settled in to her adoptive home. Suzanne has provided the safest and most loving home for our little girl. The life that she so much deserves.

Mimi's story has been featured on The Dodo—check it out here.


You are home now, Mimi!

With your support, we can 
make more stories like this possible.

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