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Healing Skin Issues

Sadly, there are a variety of skin conditions that are commonly seen in street dogs across Bali, including mange, ringworm and fleas & ticks, to name a few. Some can spread easily from dog to dog, and can be painful and exhausting to live with. Others affect not only the skin, but digestion and even organ function.


Fortunately there are some great medications available that can eradicate these issues quickly and painlessly, for a very reasonable cost. They just need to be bought and given!


Below are some of the success stories we have had in the past year or so, where some incredibly sweet dogs were given a chance to live a healthy, normal life after taking the appropriate medication. With your help, we hope to triple the amount of animals we can treat through 2021 and beyond, and ultimately eradicate these illnesses in street dogs altogether. 


Please adopt don't shop, and open your heart for rescued dogs to give one a second chance at a happy life. 

Blacky_dumped_and given_Bravecto.png

In December 2020, Blacky was dumped at a cemetery with terrible mange and infested with worms, feeling unloved and desperately malnourished.


We picked Blacky up as soon as we were alerted, and with the right medications, healthy food and lots of love, the little unwanted boy turned into a beautiful, happy and playful puppy.

A foster carer opened her heart and allowed puppy Blacky to stay during his recovery, which did not take long, and it has been lovely to see him blossom as he grows. 


Unfortunately he was since hit by a car in March 2021, requiring further expensive vet care. But we will never give up on a puppy that needs us, and after his operation, he is doing incredibly well. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 15.40.51.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 15.40.41.png

Auk was extremely anaemic, with mange, and in terrible health at the end of May 2019. But his owners were afraid of really high vet costs that they couldn't afford. The lack of nutrition in his food contributed to these issues and so we helped him with medication for the anaemia and mange, and gave his owners advice regarding his food. It's truly a pleasure to help dogs who are owned by people that welcome our help and embrace the support we provide.

Auk was then sterilised within our programme in Oct 2019, and has been doing really well ever since. 


We first spotted Vivian in March 2019, when she was trying to find food in a garbage bin. She was in horrible condition, totally malnourished and with terrible skin issues. We asked around the neighborhood and found out that she had an owner.  The family had another 4 adult dogs which we had just sterilized, and Vivian was the offspring of one of them. The owner explained that unfortunately he couldn’t stop the adult dogs chasing her away when he was feeding them.

We treated Vivian and the other family dogs for mange and have kept feeding her since March. We also deliver dry food for all of the family’s dogs to mix with rice, as they cannot afford to feed so many dogs. 

IMG_0083 (1).jpg

When we first saw Soka in November 2020 he was in terrible condition with mange that meant his fur was nearly gone. Fortunately his owner Ibu Yakti was so excited when we offered to help her suffering dog.

She told us that she had called a vet before, but sadly she didn’t have the money for a treatment. 

Soka got one dose of Bravecto from us and we suggested Ibu Yakti follow our food plan with inexpensive healthy food, to support Soka’s recovery.

We meet so many people like Ibu Yakti who love their dogs, but need education around nutrition and support with medications for their animals, which we are happy to provide. 


This girl was one of 15 dogs that we found in the same week in December 2020, that were infested with fleas and ticks. With Bali’s overall tropical climate and especially the rainy season that begins in December, we find more and more dogs who are in urgent need of skin treatment. Not only do these conditions make animals very sick, they are also painful, uncomfortable and itchy. We treated all 15 dogs including Poppy, with Bravecto for mange and tick infestation, and within 4 days, they were looking almost healed! One Bravecto tablet costs only 400.000 IDR (27 USD) and can treat up to 3 adult Bali Dogs for mange as well as for fleas and ticks.

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