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Wish List

There are many things we desperately need to continue our work, including but not limited to: dry dog food, dry cat food, wet dog food, wet cat food, basic medications, food bowls, medicated shampoo, dog treats, cat treats, slip leads, blankets, towels, vitamins/supplements etc. Please see full list below:

From your local pharmacy/vets/hospital:

  • Rimadyl (or other generic carprofen)

  • Cazitel or Drontal

  • Anti-tick collars

  • Advocate spot-on

  • Advantage spot-on

  • Bravecto

  • Nexgard Spectra

  • Simparica

  • Stronghold/Revolution spot-on

  • Telfa conforming elastic gauze bandage

  • Joint supplements such as Glucosamine

  • Salmon or other fish oil supplements

  • Rescue Remedy

General supplies

  • Rice

  • Dog food (dry & canned)

  • Frozen minced chicken

  • Cat food (dry & canned)

  • Stainless steel bowls

  • Collars & harness

  • Leashes & slip leash

  • Extendable leash

  • Blankets & towels

  • Dog beds

  • Dog shampoo (medicated & normal)

  • Dog toys

  • Cat treats

  • Dog treats


Every gift makes a difference

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